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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Access Books

Happy New Year! One of my goals for the new year is to volunteer my time to a worthy cause and not to just send money (though that's always a good start.) I chose this program: (click on the logo to go to their site.) Books are my things and helping kids (even a little) to have access to books in school is a great idea. I turned 40 this weekend and threw a low-key party. Instead of gifts for myself, I asked friends to bring books from the Access Books website wishlist. Many did and I'm happy to drop them off soon. Thanks to everyone who donated! From their website: ACCESS BOOKS has no paid full-time employees. Our operation has funneled almost 1,000,000 books to Los Angeles inner-city school libraries, make it school, classroom and community libraries. So many children in inner-city schools simply do not have anything to read. ACCESS BOOKS is changing that one library at a time. And quotes from students: I read three books on Saturday and I couldn't wait for school to start on Monday so I could get some more books. - 5th grade student I have to catch my breath! - 3rd grade student Check out their site and if you can help more, please do! And add a comment here about how you helped.


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