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Friday, December 29, 2006

Where Did The Time Go?!

Yowza! I have not written in over a month and that is not ideal! Also, I have not read much in the way of "books" in over a month either. I let myself get distracted by christmas and wrapping and decorating and sending gifts and etc etc etc. But now the tree is down and the new year is on the way. Hooray for 2007! In the mean time -- I finished Heat and did enjoy it very much. It also turned up on a 10 best list (Time magazine, I think) for non-fiction. My other favorite book-Eat Pray Love-showed up on another list. I gave that book to about five people for Christmas. I look forward to reading it again soon. I received books as gifts as well and look forward to all of them. From Sarah (and family) I got these two:

Kurt received:

I look forward to reading that as well.

Mostly I've been reading magazines...and will write about that more soon! Sorry for the long delay and more to come in 2007!


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