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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Summer Reading....

....of the beach and airplane variety. If you have been reading my other blog you know my dad died and I had to leave Mexico City for a week. While I was gone I chose a book to read that was easy and didn't require much emotional or intellectual investment. The book? Angels and Demons by Dan Brown of Da Vinci Code fame. It was just what I needed it to be--a no brainer but time consuming. It is completely ridiculous and just what you want on a long plane trip or days at the beach. Now I'm back for 3 more weeks of work and long hours. I brought lots of magazines with me for those few minutes before bed. I'm also only half way through "My Life in Heavy Metal" so I'm sure I'll be into that soon. Back in MC. Check out that blog for more entries on my last 3 weeks.


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