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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Day Off in Mexico City

I brought one guide book to Mexico with me since I'm working, not on holiday. It was a quick grab and now I wish I had more time to choose. (or was in a better book store.) This one is for all of Mexico and does have a big section on Mexico City, but it is still quite light in the details department. A colleague here said he found an english bookstore, so maybe I'll check it out in my minimal downtime and find a better one. The other book I carry with me every day is my Spanish/English dictionary from high school. It comes in very handy. My spanish is improving every day. I try to speak spanish most of the time but get really stuck on verb tenses! Frustrating. Yet I still get my message across and mostly understand what is being said back. I have learned how to say "please speak more slowly." I finished reading Ask The Pilot and still recommend it highly. I started to read Are Men Necessary? by Maureen Dowd and have only read the intro before falling asleep last night. I look forward to more. My pick up time this morning is a very civilized 9am. So I am going to set up a new blog for my photos from Mexico City. I was going to pile them in here but thought better of it. By the way, I love when you use the spell check on blogger -- it always shows you the word "blog" as wrong!


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