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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Saturday Mornings

Reading. Books. Joy. When I was young, from 9 to about 13, I read and read and read. I was a reading fool. (These days I just read and read.) I remember reading on my school bus. The afternoons were best as we were the last stop and so about 6 of us had 20 minutes and the entire school bus to ourselves. I usually sat away from the other kids and read, knees propped up against the seat in front of me. On weekends, I read and read some more. My mom used to tell me to go outside. "It's a beautiful day!" Hello, it's Maui! It's ALWAYS going to be a beautiful day. Of course I played with friends in the neighborhood a lot, went swimming, played hide and seek, the usual. But most Saturdays my favorite thing to do was to have lunch at home. I would make a bowl of Saimin (aka Top Ramen) with a hot dog chopped up into it (just in case there wasn't already enough salt) then take that bowl, sit on the floor at a coffee table and eat my saimin and read my book. Read Read Read. My warmest memory is waking up on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Usually I had a book on my nightstand, marked from where I left off the night before. I would wake up and the first thing I would do is reach for the book and continue reading. No getting up to pee, no breakfast, no nothing. Just start reading again. And if it actually was raining? HEAVEN! I would turn the lamp on and just read some more. This memory is so cozy and warm and precious. What luxury that was. I felt rich and safe and my soul was well fed. These days there is no reason why I couldn't do that. But somehow there are other distractions first thing in the morning. Meowing cats demanding to be fed. Someone to meet for breakfast. My husband's warm wonderful body. Reading is fundamental.


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