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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fits and Starts

I started to read "Broken For You" last week. My mom gave me this book, having enjoyed it very much. It seemed like a good one to go onto next for solid time passing (not wasting, passing) enjoyment. And yet....and yet....I just can't seem to get myself going on it. I find I am more easily distracted by the internet here at work. It has been fascinating as I have never spent this much time actually looking and linking and following so many threads. I like it but it is not quite my thing for ALL DAY. I did print out and re-read an old script I haven't looked at in two years. I'm almost done reading it and feel like I could do an okay rewrite on it in the afternoons. I would like to give it a shot and have a couple of people read it. I think only my husband and a few others actually read my first drafts five years ago. Last night on The Daily Show Jon Stewart interviewed Bart Ehrman about his new book called Misquoting Jesus -- The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why. It looks fascinating and I would like to read it.


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