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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More Travel = More Travel Books

I'm lucky to travel through work from time to time. Mexico, for example. And now more than likely, London for a few weeks to continue some work on the same project. In anticipation of London -- I haven't been there in ten years -- I bought some travel books to help out. First there is Top 10 London because while I'll be there for a few weeks, I'm working full time. And as we say in the business, "It's location, not vacation." So Top 10 works great. This brand of books -- DK Eyewitness Guides -- are my favorites. They are full of images and I respond well to images, they make me want to see more. Next is City Secrets London. We used this guide on our honeymoon to Italy and found places we might never had heard of in the more conventional travel guide. These books are highly subjective, written by historians, playwrights, architects, journalists, novelists and curators who live in the areas covered in the book. So they may point you to a tourist spot but to something you never would have known about at that spot. Lastly I bought a map of London -- Streetwise London. These maps are great, they are laminated and fold nicely. The detail is accurate and up to date. The only complaint I've ever had about a Streetwise Map was the one of Mexico City. And it is just not the company's fault. Mexico City is just way too big. I highly recommend these maps for all your future travel to major cities.


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