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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Weeks Go By

I have been writing and that's good. I wrote this post for my other blog but thought it would be just fine here too as it is about reading, after all: So what do I read online every day? Some days the order varies, but generally it goes like this: Home page is: Daily Variety. We have an online subscription and I sometimes read it in depth, I sometimes just scan the headlines. Next comes my own Yahoo page. I personalized it with many sections of news, world news, business news, entertainment news, most emailed pictures, weather, stocks and political cartoons. (Today we bought stock in Applied Materials.) Generally next is my google home page to check my secondary email account there. My email newsletters go to that account. Once I've check out the world, I start in on the local and that would be Metroblogging Los Angeles. I link to their stuff from time to time. Metrblogging has many many cities on their site -- click on their map to see if you city is represented. If it isn't, you could start one up! Next comes Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things. Hard to explain what this site is, so go there and peruse at least ten or twenty articles to get a full taste of what they write about. I have learned many things about these series of interweb tubes we spent a lot of time on. Then, Consumerist. Great site about "Shoppers Biting Back." The site is updated frequently, as is BoingBoing. The comments are fun, sometimes annoying, but always interesting. That is my main set of reading in the morning. I don't read any actual newspapers, never got into that habit. During the day I'll click around to catch up with any or all of the following: dooce LAist Upgrade: Travel Better Joe's Pila-T-Shop (My friend Kira!) Sommer Designs (My friend Carrie!) not martha Go Fug Yourself And of course, my number most favorite of all time: Cute Overload! :)


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