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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Reading In The Mean Time

While my breath is bated, I am reading: And I must highly recommend it. If you ever find yourself in a conversation about how television and movies and video games are rotting peoples brains, all your counter arguments are here. Mr. Johnson proposes that, in fact, the complicated problem solving required of video games and multi-layered stories of recent television shows and movies is making us smarter. Plus it will make you feel SO MUCH BETTER aboout tivo-ing/never missing Heroes and Lost and 24 and the Sopranos. If you have kids, read this and maybe you won't feel so bad about them watching as much tv or playing as many games. (All things in moderation of course....)


Blogger meandering said...

Nice review. I too saw the movie and loved it. Saw with my kids, each walked away with different tidbits. I liked the way they hinted that Ron and Ginny were off snoggin and suddenly joined the group. The monsters and horror were so much more intense than in the past.

7/15/2007 07:42:00 PM  

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