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Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Finished It

Okay, okay, I'm greedy. I finished The Half Blood Prince yesterday. The momentum was building to the amazing end and I had to just keep going. Done. So I'll wait a few weeks and decide if I want to quickly read it again right before the other book comes. Now, I know JK Rowling said there wouldn't be any more HP books after Deathly Hollows. But here are my questions: Does Harry go after and find all four Horcruxes in the last book? Seems a giant task for him seeing as how Dumbledore couldn't do it before. But maybe that is what makes Harry special? Not to mention all the help from his friends. Also, if/when Harry kills Voldemort in the last book, do they all live happily ever after in the wizarding world? (Except for those who are supposed to die.) Most importantly, don't you think Neville and Luna will get together?


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