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Friday, December 02, 2005

What I'm Taking to Read

For the plane I'm taking the December issues of Real Simple and Oprah magazine, plus this week's Time magazine. I'm also taking Teacher Man, which I have already started reading (even though I'm not finished with Love My Rifle More than You). In the suitcase I have Love my Rifle as well as Julie and Julia for my mother. I went to pick it up off the floor (where it sat next to the wrapped gifts to also take with us) and discovered that our cat, Mouse: had hurled onto the book at some point during the night. Apparently the book made a prime furball hurling target. Or Mouse had secretly read the book and this is what she thought of it. Either way, kind of annoying to have to wash off a book to read. I know I will probably not finish all I have brought to read as we will be busy, but I always need back up, so I'm also taking Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress (by Susan Jane Gilman) and Rereadings, the book I bought last night. I'm also taking the script I'm in the middle of rewriting, though I have already told myself this is a holiday and no pressure on writing until I get back. So there it is. What I'm reading on my holiday. We'll see what I get through. Aloha.


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