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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

12 Steps

I have addiction in my family. Mine manifests in book buying. I can't stop. I dropped off about 100 books to the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles this week. There were about 40 books from my shelves and about another 40 from the friends who came to the book exchange. They books were well received at the center and I was glad about that. So maybe my addiction is not such a bad thing in the long run. So what did I buy today? Well, there I was outside Duttons' in BH and so I had to get Teacher Man : A Memoir (by Frank McCourt). He was on AirTalk (hosted by Larry Mantle) yesterday and I just loved hearing him talk. Especially when he used the word "bullshit" in the middle of a story and didn't flinch. He's real. I also bought Are Men Necessary? (by Maureen Dowd) after hearing her on Fresh Air earlier this month. I look forward to them both.


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