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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Nog n' Blog

Merry Christmas! We had a wonderful morning of gifts, thank you one and all for the amazing things under our tree! And books! I got more books as gifts -- hard to imagine, I know. My husband received (and so I hope I can borrow): Oh the Glory of It All by Sean Wilsey --he got this from his mom and it looks like a great memoir (and you know how I love memoirs...) A Man Without a Country by Kurt Vonnegut --received from a friend, we had a copy already, so our original copy can go on the birthday pile, I already have an idea of who it could go to. Napoleon Dynamite, the Complete Quote Book --from good friends who may or may not have even seen the movie yet! Clearly, they are tired of hearing us say it all. Bad Cat by Jim Edgar --from my mom to my husband, funny book. The website is here. Look at it now! Sorry, I know it's Christmas, didn't mean to be so pushy. Do whatever you like. I need to interject a malasada update here -- My husband also received 2 packages of malasada mix from my sister! He is a happy happy camper! We'll have to find a large vat of hot oil somewhere soon. Back to books... The books I received are: There and Then The Travel Writing of James Salter --from my husband, we love traveling together and can't wait to do more! Fast Talking Dames by Maria DiBattista --also from my husband, about the awesome women in movies in the 30s and 40s -- Jean Harlow, Carole Lombard, Ginger Rogers, Myrna Loy, Rosalind Russell, etc etc. I don't know if he meant to put them together, but he also gave me the 6 DVD set of The Thin Man series. AWESOME! Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts --from my mother who is currently reading it and loves loves loves it. I look forward to digging into it as well. Julie and Julia -- the cooking memoir previously mentioned on this blog as well as an updated edition of Julia Child's How to Master the Art of French Cooking --from other good friends who clearly have real jobs and are too busy to read my blog. I have the utmost respect for them and how hard they work. I know we have an ancient copy of the cookbook, so having a new one to mess up will be great. 700 Sundays by Billy Chrystal --from my sister. We both love Billy, she more than me even. Another memoir...always good! The Spirit of Yoga by Cat De Rham and Michele Gill --from my mother as well. Cat De Rham the daughter of my mom's friend and neighbor across the street. It has been a lovely day so far. Tonight we have a small dinner with good friends across town. Merry Christmas to you all, dear readers, and the very best in 2006!


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