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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Full Time Job Delay

So I got a full time job again. Well, it's full time for three months anyway. I have to come to an office for the first time in six years. The shock has not worn off yet. I know I'll get used to it (it's only been five days) but it is a shock. In the mean time I've been doing just a little bit of reading. I bogarted one of the books my husband got for christmas, Oh the Glory of It All (by Sean Wilsey). It is sort of a perfect get away from the stress of a new job and new schedule. Mr. Wilsey creates this world that seems quite awful on one hand. I'm only about 100 pages in (it is 496 pages) and I hope that the poor guy has had years of positive therapy. His parents are a bit wacko -- not that this has stopped most people in the world from growing up well -- but his parents are rich and famous and wild. I find myself willing him to act or react to his parents in different ways. It reminded me of reading Angela's Ashes and thinking "Don't do it Frankie! Don't give your father the money! Don't let him drink any more! Make him come home! Tell someone, do something!" Now, Mr. Wilsey didn't grow up dirt poor, far from it. He grew up rich in San Francisco in the 80's. But that parental screw up being witnessed by the child is so harsh and so hard to read. More as the pages go by... The book is a memoir and I've been thinking a lot about how the memoir world has been rocked by the James Frey scandal. I'll write more about that later, but what I really want to know is, Why is Larry King still interviewing people on TV or anywhere???? The guy is kind of an ass.


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