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Monday, January 16, 2006

Reading, Tarot Card

As mentioned, on my birthday I had my annual tarot card reading. The woman I see for my tarot card readings does a 10 card spread using the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck. My cards came up as follows: Heart -- The Heirophant Threshold -- Death Feet -- 7 of Cups Right Hand -- The Emperor Head -- Prince of Wands (inverted) Left Hand -- 6 of Wands Work/Creativity -- Queen of Wands Relationships/Environment -- Queen of Disks Hopes/Fears -- 8 of Swords (inverted) Outcome -- Knight of Swords (inverted) Let me interject something here about tarot cards. I see tarot cards as objective input from another source. The cards present ideas that perhaps I had not thought of or considered. I don't see them as telling my future or my fortune. Merely an alternate point of view that I can take in and consider for myself. I don't do or not do anything just because the "cards say so." I don't give my power away to a deck of cards (or star charts or runes) and neither should you. It's called Free Will people! Back to the blog post at hand... The reading inspired and excited me very much. It spoke to many of the issues I was already working on and helped to reinforce ideas I already had. The cards are beautiful as well. My three favorite cards from this reading were: The Queen of Wands The Queen of Disks The Prince of Wands (Since I don't know HTML well enough to line these pictures up with the appropriate name, they arranged themselves. Luckily, you can read their titles.)

If you want to ask me more about tarot cards or this reading or anything about my experience, please do. I won't spend more time on this reading here. I am just so excited about the new year and new opportunities and new attitudes for me.


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